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It does not allow precise estimates of the magnitude of those effects, which are confounded with cohort effects in the cross-sectional data and with period effects in the intracohort trend data. One could use statistical modeling to arrive at precise estimates, but there almost certainly would be considerable error in the estimates, which would be credible only if they conformed to the general pattern arrived at by informal means. , 2002). a. Happiness is measured on a 3-point ordinal scale treated as though it were interval.

A. ” b. Number of respondents is approximate due to weighting. Data are weighted by number of adults in household divided by mean number of adults in GSS households. When pooled cross-sectional data cover several years or decades, it is always useful to see if the indicated relationship was stable over the period of time covered. If it was not, the indicated changes can suggest how the data should be interpreted. 5. Visual inspection of the data reveals no substantial changes in the relationship between age and reported happiness for either males and females—an impression that is confirmed by regressing the 3-point happiness scale on age for each sex and each period.

Strictly speaking, data gathered by this method are not comparable with either data from quota control samples or full probability samples, but apparently, they are more nearly comparable with the latter. The greatest change in sampling among the major American opinion pollsters occurred in the American Gallup Organization, which, in its early decades, was known as the American Institute of Public Opinion. Gallup first gained prominence by correctly predicting the outcome of the 1936 presidential election, and for the next couple of decades, the organization had a sharply political focus and a preoccupation with predicting the outcome of national elections.

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