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Melt it three times]. Take quicksilver which through copper has become white, and take from it another one part and from dominant magnesia, with one part of water, and from what remains at the bottom of the vessel and which has been treated with lemon juice, use one part, and from arsenic which has been catalysed with the urine of a not yet corrupted boy, one part, and then from Cadmeia [cadmia, calamine in English, which simply implies a mineral which engenders fire], one part and from Pyrite [also a mineral which engenders fire] one part and one part from sand cooked with sulphur, and from lead monoxide with asbestos two parts, and from the ashes of Kobathia [that is probably also an arsenic sulphite] one part, and liquidate the whole with a very sharp acid, a white acid, and dry it, and then you have the great white remedy.

Say you are confronted with a man who dreams that a mysterious woman comes towards him. I remember such a dream, it was the initial dream of a man who had a sex problem. I do not know exactly what, for it was not my case, but he had some kind of sex problem, and in his dream an unknown woman, who made a great impression on him, told him that the whole secret consisted in drying the powder within the apple. Question: So the point would be the relevance this had to the person's life? Dr. von Franz: Yes.

Next page > < previous page page_45 next page > Page 45 8. Isis suckling Horus. one moment after the other (one has to choose the right one) and according to the movement of the heavenly sphere (which means all the movements of the planets), it happened (the Greek word sunebe is also a synchronistic happening of the events) that one of the angels of the first firmament cast an eye upon her and wanted to unite with her sexually. She puts him off, because she wants to get the alchemical secret out of him; she makes a bargain with him and will only give herself to him if he first tells her all he knows about that.

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