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By J. Mansfeld, D. T. Runia

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The subject of this examine is the Doxography of difficulties in physics from the Presocratics to the early first century BCE attributed to Aetius. half I makes a speciality of the argument of the compendium as a complete, of its books, of its sequences of chapters, and of person chapters, opposed to the history of Peripatetic and Stoic method. half II bargains the 1st complete reconstruction in one unified textual content of e-book II, which bargains with the cosmos and the heavenly our bodies. it's in line with broad research of the appropriate witnesses and comprises listings of diverse doxographical-dialectical parallels in different historic writings. This new therapy of the proof supersedes Diels' nonetheless dominant source-critical process, and may turn out crucial for students in historical philosophy.

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In the next paragraph Augustine speaks of the treatise On Sects of Epiphanius, also in ‘six books’, ‘short ones’. He used the (spurious) Anakephalaiôsis, not the immensely large Panarion. number and content of books 35 of the Vetusta Placita. 2 to the status of proem to Book IV of the earlier work is merely a subsidiary move. Nevertheless, Diels’ point about differences of style and presentation between various sections of the Aëtian Placita, also noticed by some of his predecessors, is well taken.

398, 403. For alternatives see also below, Section 18. physical tenets, physikos logos 21 Vorsokratiker twenty-two years later, the reconstructed A (just like some of his cousin writings) has become a Fundgrube,26 and in fact virtually all the bits and pieces believed to be worthwhile have been dug up and relocated to collections of fragments, thus acquiring a new and different context. But the brief remarks on the lemma about Empedocles’ sun(s) as part of a diaeresis made above already suggest that when interpreting such a text it is crucial to keep its Placita origin and context in mind.

1:99–100, and below, n. 136; for Diels abusing even Cicero see below, n. 187. 22 section two An unfortunate consequence of this approach is that little or no attention has been given to the method and purpose of the Placita, that is to say to the various ways tenets are presented and to the uses they were intended for, or were capable of serving, as has already been intimated in Section 1 above. 29 We shall return to this aspect of the matter. We note already, however, that Diels’ strong focus on Theophrastus as ultimate source did not allow him to see the crucial influence excercised by Aristotle, also briefly described in Section 1 above.

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