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By Milton Erickson, Jay Haley

ISBN-10: 0808901699

ISBN-13: 9780808901693

"This quantity is the list of Dr. Erickson's forty-odd years of sufferer, continual scientific research...What effects is an important ebook on scientific hypnosis that has seemed in lots of a long time. His writings on hypnosis are the authoritative notice on suggestions of inducing trance, experimental paintings exploring the probabilities and boundaries of the hypnotic event, and investigations of the character of the connection among hypnotist and topic.

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You can be needed. If you feel that your partner and children would reject you if they discovered how bad you really are, then you can shower (and control) them with such unselfish, loving devotion that only people much wickeder than you would dare to reject you. If you feel that as a child you were deprived of loving care, you can try to make up this deficiency by caring for others (victims like you) in the way you would wish to be cared for. Thus you can devote yourself to your family and give them more care and attention than they could ever need or want.

Depression is a coping mechanism, a withdrawal within oneself when reaching out to others has become too painful, too risky. Depression is an unhappy place to be, but for the person who suffers with it, depression is the lesser of two evils…. Doctors believe that depression serves no purpose. We have had ‘Fight Depression’ and ‘Defeat Depression’ campaigns, as if depression were an enemy to be exterminated. These campaigns have received great publicity. But they have made little impression, either on depression or on the suicide rate.

What is the use Page 8 of hoping or striving? Once you were ambitious; now you are bitterly resigned to your awful fate and cannot fight against it. You are filled with grey and heavy indifference, even towards people who were once important to you. Love has fled, leaving only an awareness of an absence of love. Once you were concerned about other people and yearned to right other people’s wrongs. Now other people’s tragedies do not impinge on you, or only serve as further proof, if further proof were needed, that the world is in a perilous state.

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