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By Elena Azzoni

ISBN-10: 1580054277

ISBN-13: 9781580054270

After having spent approximately her whole grownup lifestyles relationship ladies (and liking it), Elena Azzoni felt lovely safe in her sexual orientation: she’d even simply been topped leave out Lez 2007. Then, sooner or later in yoga classification, a male instructor moved in just about alter her pose . . . and she or he without notice chanced on herself intensely—bafflingly—attracted to him. ultimately she initiated a flirtation with him; after that, there has been no going again. A 12 months Straight is a chronicle of the hilariously disastrous yr following Azzoni’s abrupt dive into the area of courting males: sufficiently old to drink and continue her personal hours, yet as clueless as a young person in terms of interpreting men’s phrases and activities, Azzoni is uniquely situated to discover herself in a few ridiculously absurd situations. usually cringe-worthy and infrequently incredible, A 12 months Straight is a wildly enjoyable examine one woman’s stories courting a brand new sex—the contrary sex.

"Frank, humorous and revealing of kinfolk between—and among—the sexes."
— Kirkus

"A 12 months immediately is a hilarious, engrossing page-turner that provides an entire new twist at the ny courting scene."
— Katie Crouch, writer, women in Trucks

"Azzoni leaves no genitalia unturned in her heroic quest for romance, and it's a credits to her successful writing that she makes the sort of targeted topic believe so relatable."
— Tami Sagher, author, How I Met Your mom, 30 Rock, and Bored to Death

"Elena Azzoni's memoir is a pleasant read—thoughtful and extraordinary, Azzoni seals the take care of her bona fide and unassuming wit"
— Alix Olson, writer/Performer

"Elena's moments of awkwardness, pleasure, self-doubt, and heartbreak are advised with enticing wit and candor, however it is her forthrightness in regards to the advanced problems with gender and sexuality that makes this ebook so original."
— Lisa Diamond, writer, Sexual Fluidity

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Asexuality is the invisible orientation. most folk think that “everyone” desires intercourse, that “everyone” is aware what it ability to be drawn to people, and that “everyone” desires to date and mate. yet that’s the place asexual individuals are left out—they don’t locate other folks sexually beautiful, and if and once they say so, they're very not often taken care of as if that’s okay.

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