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By Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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Amino Acids and Peptides (1998)

This article is meant for undergraduate and starting graduate scholars in chemistry and biochemistry learning amino acids and peptides. The authors be aware of amino acids and peptides with out exact discussions of proteins, whereas giving the entire crucial historical past chemistry, together with series selection, synthesis and spectroscopic equipment.

The 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds: A Reference Guide

What's a chemical compound? Compounds are ingredients which are or extra parts mixed jointly chemically in a regular percentage via weight. Compounds are throughout us - they comprise well-known issues, corresponding to water, and extra esoteric elements, akin to triuranium octaoxide, the main quite often taking place traditional resource for uranium.

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4). On heating the red oxide by means of the Bunsen's gas flame, it first becomes darkcoloured and then soon begins to decompose into metallic mercury, which collects in small bright drops in the neck of the retort gradually running down into the receiver, and into oxygen gas, which passes through the delivery tube and collects ia the graduated cylinder. After the heat has been continued for some time, the whole of the red powder will have disappeared, having been changed by heat into metallic mercury and oxygen.

8, 1778, that we find a distinct mention of' oxygen gas, which he first termed "Pair Sminemment mpirable," or "Hair pwr,"or "Paw vital," and that we see that the whole theory of combustion is dear to • Lavoisier. He shows that this gas is necessary for the col* cinatiou of metals, he prepares it from preripitatum per ee, as Priestley had previously done, and in the year 1778 we find the first mention of oxygen, or the acidifiant principle. The name was given to it because he observed that combined with carbon this substance forms carbonic acid, with sulphur vitriolic 1 JmawU

90-0 NAMES OF THE KLEMENTS. £3 In addition to the above the existence of several other elements, discovered in certain rate Norwegian and American minerals, has been announced. These, however, have not as yet been very perfectly investigated, and their atomic weights and chemical, relationships remain undetermined. For the sake of convenience it is customary to divide the elements into two classes—the Metals and the Non-Motak, or Metalloids, a distinction which was first made about the time of Lavoisier, when only a few elements were known.

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