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The "process" of historical events. Literature and art are also "processes". For the disciplines of history, literature and art, too, he believes a systematization should be possible. Hjelmslev assumes that a procesS can always be analyzed into a limited number of elements constantly recurring in different combinations. On the basis of this analysis the elements could be ordered"in classes of similar possibilities of combination. And not only could they thus be set into a system and could a "systematic" description of them be given, but conclusions might be drawn from these systems as to other elements, even those not yet in existence: "a general and exhaustive calculus 0/ the possible combinations" could be set up (OSG p.

The analysis described in Ch. II OSG is the final controlling analysis, meant to give a systematic survey of a language analyzed beforehand by "trial and error" and collecting the various disconnected facts found by 1) Hel Woor4 p. 229, tr. BS. Cf. the same scholar's Meaning a1t4lfltrospectiOft p. 337. PROCESS AND SYSTEM 37 the earlier analysis and arranging them systematically into a whole, into a unity of higher order. 3. Linguistic theory and empiricism. Every theory must answer the requirement of empiricism: the theory must be capable of yielding, in all its applications, results that agree with experimental data.

G. " The answer must be: because the word'gestalt' in which we know those sounds forms, with the meaning, a unit we know. In the 'gestalt' c-a-t we recognize the form c-a-t because we use the word cat to talk about a cat 1). Although this element of knowing the language analyzed is nowhere mentioned explicitly by Hjelmslev, yet it is inherent in his commutation theory and is, as we shall see, the basis of all his exclusively formal premisses. It is part of what I have called the 'setting' of glossematic analysis (see p.

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