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By Isaac Asimov

ISBN-10: 0385036736

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From using metals through prehistoric guy to the alchemical experiments of medieval and renaissance guy to the complicated chemical abilities of latest guy, Asimov strains the improvement of this construction block of our technological international.

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Amino Acids and Peptides (1998)

This article is meant for undergraduate and starting graduate scholars in chemistry and biochemistry learning amino acids and peptides. The authors pay attention to amino acids and peptides with no distinct discussions of proteins, whereas giving all of the crucial heritage chemistry, together with series selection, synthesis and spectroscopic tools.

The 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds: A Reference Guide

What's a chemical compound? Compounds are components which are or extra components mixed jointly chemically in a customary share by means of weight. Compounds are throughout us - they contain regular issues, akin to water, and extra esoteric ingredients, similar to triuranium octaoxide, the main as a rule happening average resource for uranium.

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This approach, which consists of a marked reduction in Phe intake, has shown to prevent severe neurological impairment which was observed in untreated patients. However, while several reports indicated that an excessive reduction in Phe intake resulted in poor developmental outcomes in patients with PKU; others have not found evidence of the PKU diet negatively affecting physical development. Considering the importance of attaining optimal growth in patients with PKU, we conducted this retrospective longitudinal study on the developmental outcomes in a Spanish cohort of PAH-deficient patients (PKU and mild-HPA) who were exclusively treated with protein-restricted diets (Study 1).

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