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Children displayed willingness to uphold pure language norms regardless of their own diverse ethnic or linguistic backgrounds; for example, although Dar’ja (Excerpt 3) came from a mixed (Russian mother, Ukrainian father) Russian-speaking family, she did not hesitate to disapprove of a ‘Russian’ word. And although it is possible to read children’s use of Russian as resistance to these norms, participants themselves did not orient to it as such. While disobedient behavior could draw a strong rebuke, I never observed VV scold children for using Russian words, and he informed me that he did not penalize them for language mixing, feeling that they could not yet be held accountable for their language use.

I had lived and worked as an English teacher in Ukraine for three years prior to beginning this research (including one year in the city where the research was conducted); nevertheless, I was still an outsider in this community. Participants referred to me as ‘our American guest,’ and curiosity about me and my interest in Ukrainian (which many found puzzling) motivated many parents to consent to an interview and undoubtedly shaped how they responded to my questions. Finally, while my language skills were sufficient to allow me to analyze classroom interaction and conduct interviews in both Ukrainian and Russian, as a non-native speaker I have relied on multilingual research assistants and friends to help me understand nuances in the data; thus some of my interpretations have been filtered through theirs.

Cambridge University Press. Flier, M. S. 2000. ‘Surzhyk: The rules of engagement’ in Z. ): Cultures and Nations of Central and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of Roman Szporluk. Harvard University Press. Garrett, P. B. and P. Baquedano-Lo´pez. 2002. ‘Language socialization: reproduction and continuity, transformation and change,’ Annual Review of Anthropology 31: 339–61. Howard, K. 2004. ‘Socializing respect at school in Northern Thailand,’ Working Papers in Educational Linguistics 20/1: 1–30. Irvine, J.

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