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By John Joseph Saunders

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Should not the phrases "Medieval Islam" a redundancy? whilst has Islam ever no longer been "Medieval"? for instance, in an effort to learn the background of the "Dark Ages", you'll learn eighth and ninth century Europe, otherwise you may possibly examine any Arab state at the present time that is guided via Islamic rules.

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A History of Medieval Islam

Are not the phrases "Medieval Islam" a redundancy? while has Islam ever now not been "Medieval"? for instance, so as to learn the background of the "Dark Ages", you may learn eighth and ninth century Europe, otherwise you might examine any Arab kingdom this present day that is guided via Islamic rules.

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Notwithstanding his war with Mecca, which was in the ancient tradition of Arab tribal conflict, he never countenanced the forcible conversion of Christians or Jews, and laid it down as a principle that ‘there is no compulsion in religion,’ in consequence of which Islam has been, on the whole, one of the most tolerant of creeds. The fiercest censure has been reserved for his sexual conduct, but it may be observed that so long as Khadija lived, he took no other wife, and that of the ten or twelve women he subsequently married, the majority were widows whose husbands had fallen in his cause and for whom he might feel obliged to provide.

Some had listened to the teaching of rival prophets, of whom several appeared in the last year or two of Muhammad’s life, among them one Musailima, who won a large following in the powerful tribe of Hanifa in central Arabia. Had the disaffected tribes made a concerted attack on Medina, Islam would probably have been destroyed. But united action of this kind was not in their line, and Abu Bakr in this crisis displayed all the marks of a cool and vigorous leader. His powers as Caliph were new and undefined; he would not claim any religious authority, believing as he did that the stream of divine revelation had ceased with the death of Muhammad, but he was prepared, like a tribal shaikh, to assume responsibility for the military defence of his community.

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