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By Libba Bray

ISBN-10: 0385732317

ISBN-13: 9780385732314

It’s 1895, and after the suicide of her mom, 16-year-old Gemma Doyle is distributed off from the existence she is familiar with in India to Spence, a formal boarding tuition in England. Lonely, guilt-ridden, and liable to visions of the long run that experience an uncomfortable behavior of coming precise, Gemma’s reception there's a cold one. To make issues worse, she’s been by means of a mysterious younger Indian guy, a guy despatched to observe her. yet why? what's her future? And what's going to her entanglement with Spence’s strongest girls—and their foray into the religious world—lead to?

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The air is gloomy, alive with the smoke from the gaslights that line London’s streets. The foggy grayness makes it seem like dusk, though it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon. Anything could creep up behind you on such shadowy streets. I don’t know why I think of this, but I do, and I immediately push the thought away. The needle-thin spires of Parliament peek up over the dusky outlines of chimneys. In the streets, several sweat-drenched men dig deep trenches in the cobblestones. ” “Putting in lines for electric lights,” Tom answers, coughing into a white handkerchief with his initials stitched on a corner in a distinguished black script.

In one swift motion, she raises the dagger and plunges it into herself. No! A strong tide yanks me from the shop. I’m back on the streets of Bombay, as if I’d never been gone, screaming wildly while the young Indian man pins my flailing arms at my side. “What did you see? ” I kick and hit, twisting in his grip. Is there anyone around who can help me? What is happening? Mother! My mind fights for control, logic, reason, and finds it. My mother is having tea at Mrs. Talbot’s house. I’ll go there and prove it.

I let myself cry now that there is no one around to see me. God save me from a woman’s tears, for I’ve no strength against them. That’s what my father would say if he were here now. My father with his twinkling eyes and bushy mustache, his booming laugh when I please him and far-off gaze—as if I don’t exist—when I’ve been less than a lady. I can’t imagine he’ll be terribly happy when he hears how I’ve behaved. Saying nasty things and storming off isn’t the sort of behavior that’s likely to win a girl’s case for going to London.

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