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By James Lawford

ISBN-10: 0850450616

ISBN-13: 9780850450613

This booklet examines the uniforms, apparatus, heritage and association of the thirtieth Punjabis, from 1857 to their carrier in global battle II. Uniforms are proven in complete illustrated detail.

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They had recognized the importance of Right Peak and directed almost the whole of their fire on it. Two miles away Brigade Headquarters, aghast, watched a flaming torrent of shells exploding on the mountain top. It seemed to them incredible that anyone could live underneath such a bombardment. Somehow the word got about that the Battalion had withdrawn. The order went to the guns in the Sengmai Turel to fire ten rounds gunfire into Right Peak. At this time all the gunner communications on Ben Nevis had been destroyed; the gunner signaller lay dead, with his officer lying mortally wounded across his body.

Three came straight for Knoll, their guns blazing. Battalion Headquarters hugged the ground, but it was utterly unprotected. Earth spouted as bullets and cannot-shot slammed into the crest. Men fell crashing down the hillside. From the valley below came the dull boom of exploding bombs. An impassioned plea to Brigade Headquarters resulted eventually in the aircraft being called off, but Battalion Headquarters had suffered severely; among others, Colonel Newell had been seriously wounded and the Intelligence officer, also hit, had disappeared somewhere down the hillside.

Both British and Indian officers wore the standard British Army khaki drill jacket and 39 brown boots, but British officers differed from Indian in wearing the light-coloured Fox's puttees, while Indian officers wore the dark issue. Also, British officers wore a khaki drill shirt, collar and tie. The red flash of the 30th can be clearly seen under the shoulder titles of this figure, and of G1 and G3. The illustration is based on a photograph of the Afridi campaign, 1931, in the possession of Colonel E.

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