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By Chris McNab

Describes three hundred uniforms of the final a hundred years from everywhere in the world.
Superbly illustrated with full-colour works of art.

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He is heavily armed wllh two Stielgranafe (stick-grenades) nnrl an MP38 or MP40, this weaPon lrr

Y. This able seaman wears the classic blue reeferjacket with matching trousers and Royal Navypattern anklets, As a rating, his rank is given on the sleeve in red (the chewon indicates the rank of able seaman, the torpedo beneath signifies a torpedo specialist), whereas officers would have their rank displayed via embroidery on the cuff and also on the shoulder-straps of the greatcoat or tunic. Though the uniform here is of a Royal Naqy style, the equipment and firearm are all Greek Army issue. 255in) Carbine Model 1914, a shortened Greek version of the Mannlicher, with fittings for the long bayonet which extends down his left leg (earlier carbine models had no bayonet fittings).

This rokllt:r is kitted out in standard khaki llrllgucs. glurental features and insignia. glilrcntal lanyard, next to various n,rvlce medals. ryone receives parachute training. It$uh stripes are on the upper right rk'r'vc. 22in) FAMAS Fl rifle. 1990s :lOth Parachute Division French Foreign Legion Corporal Lo(stlonr 'l Corsica Con{llctr' ;None FRANCE GERMANY Operotive French GIGN Fronce I 990s lhe Groupe d'l nteraen ion I Cendarmeria Nationale (GIGN) Corporol Schutztruppe Germon Eost Africo 1914 I is France's foremost counter-terrorist unit, formed in 1974 as part of a fhe Scfturzrruppe, asmall defence I unil maintained by Germany in its general world-wide movement to establish effective national antiterrorist squads.

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